EUROPOWER Kennametal Carbide inserts

Kennametal Carbide inserts on stock Date: 21.02.2022 (241 Products)

Manufacturer Article number
Kennametal 111976464/L2RG00
Kennametal 22J3M020020W4R00
Kennametal 3.2089202 AC5
Kennametal 3.42807R021 KC7315
Kennametal 3.87026-040
Kennametal 30A4R043B25SAD10
Kennametal 32059101 AC5
Kennametal 32Y05R043M16SWP03
Kennametal 4.21503L611 K125M
Kennametal 6.62803L950 KM11
Kennametal A2030N00CM02 KC5025
Kennametal A2030N00CR02 KC5025
Kennametal A2040L06CF02 KC5025
Kennametal A2040N00CF02 KC5025
Kennametal A2040R06CF02 KC5025
Kennametal A20SPWLNL06
Kennametal A25R-PWLNL 08
Kennametal A2BNSN32M05
Kennametal A3SCR-1616J03-16
Kennametal A4G0305M03U02GMN KC5025
Kennametal A4G0405M04U04GMP KC5025
Kennametal A4G0405M4SU04GUP KCU25
Kennametal A4G0505M05U04B KCU25
Kennametal A4G0505M05U04GMP KC5025
Kennametal A4G0605M06U04GMP KC5025
Kennametal A4R0405M04U00GMN KCP10
Kennametal ADKT1622PDER5LC KCK15
Kennametal B343S09000HPG KC7315
Kennametal C2FIX 110405LMN KCP40
Kennametal CBTF180R2WD20N2M + 10st SPHX 070304R20 KC7215
Kennametal CCGT09T302HP K313
Kennametal CCMT 09T304LF KCP10
Kennametal CCMT 09T304LF KCP10B
Kennametal CCMT 09T308LF KCP25
Kennametal CCMT060204LF KT315
Kennametal CCMT09T302LF KC5025
Kennametal CCMT09T304LF KCP05B
Kennametal CCMT21505FP KCU10
Kennametal CNGN120708T02020 KY1615
Kennametal CNGN120712T02020 KY3500
Kennametal CNMA120404 KC910
Kennametal CNMA120408 KC9315
Kennametal CNMA120412 KC9325
Kennametal CNMG 120404FN KT315
Kennametal CNMG 120404MN KCP25B
Kennametal CNMG 12040866 CL4
Kennametal CNMG 120408FW KC5010
Kennametal CNMG 120408MG KC850
Kennametal CNMG 120408MP KC9240NEW
Kennametal CNMG 120408RN KCP25B
Kennametal CNMG 120408RP KCM25B
Kennametal CNMG 120412MG KCP10B
Kennametal CNMG 120412MR KCM25
Kennametal CNMG 120412RP KC9110
Kennametal CNMG 120412UP KC9240NEW
Kennametal CNMG 120416RP KCP25B
Kennametal CNMG 160612MN KCP10B
Kennametal CNMG120404FF KCP10B
Kennametal CNMG120404FN KCK15B
Kennametal CNMG120408MP KC9240
Kennametal CNMG120408MR KCM25
Kennametal CNMG120408MR KCP25B
Kennametal CNMG120408RP KCM25B
Kennametal CNMG120408UN KCK15B
Kennametal CNMG120416PR KCP25B
Kennametal CNMM 190612RP KC9125
Kennametal CNMM 190612RP KCP10
Kennametal CNMM120408MR KC850
Kennametal CNMM19061675 KC9110
Kennametal CNMM190616P KC850
Kennametal CNMM190624RP KCP25
Kennametal CPGT 060204LF KC5025
Kennametal CPGW09T304EC KB1645
Kennametal CPMT 060204MF KC725M
Kennametal CPMT 060208MF KC730
Kennametal CPMT 09T304LF KC850
Kennametal CPMT 09T304LF KCM25
Kennametal CPMT09T308LF KCM25
Kennametal D2FIX150505LMN KCP25
Kennametal DCMT 070204 11 KT325
Kennametal DCMT 11T304LF KC850
Kennametal DCMT 11T304LF KCP25B
Kennametal DCMT 15 04 04LF KC850
Kennametal DCMT 15 04 08LF KC850
Kennametal DCMT070208FP KCP25B
Kennametal DCMT11T302LF KC5025
Kennametal DCMT11T304LF KCP25
Kennametal DCMT11T304LF KT315
Kennametal DCMT11T308LF KC5025
Kennametal DCMT11T308LF KC850
Kennametal DCMT11T308LF KCP25
Kennametal DCMT11T308MF KCP25B
Kennametal DCMT11T308UF KCP10
Kennametal DCMT11T312LF KCP25
Kennametal DFR 030204LD KC7225
Kennametal DFR210R4WD32M
Kennametal DFT 030304GD KC7215
Kennametal DFT 06T308HP KC7140
Kennametal DFT 06T308HP KCU25
Kennametal DFT 090508GD KCU40
Kennametal DFT 090508HP KC7140
Kennametal DFT 110508HD KC7140
Kennametal DFT 200R2WD32M
Kennametal DFT030304HP KC7215
Kennametal DFT05T308GD KCU25
Kennametal DFT05T308HP KC7140
Kennametal DFT070408GD KCU25
Kennametal DFT070408HP KC7140
Kennametal DFT070408HP KCU25
Kennametal DFT090508GD KC720
Kennametal DNGP150408K KC730
Kennametal DNGP431 KC5010
Kennametal DNGP431 KC7310
Kennametal DNMA 150608 KC9315
Kennametal DNMG 110404FF KC5010
Kennametal DNMG 110404FN KCP10B
Kennametal DNMG 110408CT KCP05
Kennametal DNMG 110408MP KC5010
Kennametal DNMG 150604FN KCP10
Kennametal DNMG 150608MN KCP25
Kennametal DNMG 150608MR KCK15B
Kennametal DNMG 150612CT KCP05
Kennametal DNMG 150616RP KCP10B
Kennametal DPGT 11 T3 02LF KC730
Kennametal DPGT 11 T3 04HP KC730
Kennametal DPGT 11 T3 08HP KC730
Kennametal DPMT 11T304LF KC5025
Kennametal DPMT 11T304LF KC850
Kennametal DPMT 11T308LF KC850
Kennametal DPMT 11T308MF KCM25
Kennametal DWG 60171124 KCPM15
Kennametal E10M SCLPR 06A
Kennametal EDCT 140408PDERLD KC522M
Kennametal EDCT10T308PDFRLDJ K313
Kennametal EDCT140408PDERGD KC725M
Kennametal EDPT 180508PDSRGD KCPK30
Kennametal EDPT10T308PDERHD KCK15
Kennametal EDPT10T308PDERHD KCPM40
Kennametal EDPT10T331PDERHD KCK20
Kennametal EVBSN26J0340
Kennametal F11533DET2 KC9120
Kennametal F3AH0380ADK30 KC633M
Kennametal F3AH1000BDL30 KC633M
Kennametal HNGJ 0905ANENLD KC725M
Kennametal HNGJ 0905ANSNHD KC935M
Kennametal HNGJ0905ANSNHD KCPK30
Kennametal HNPJ 0604ANSNGD KCPK30
Kennametal HNPJ 0604ANSNGD KCPM20
Kennametal HNPJ 0905ANSNHD KCPM40
Kennametal HNPJ0905ANSNHD KCPK30
Kennametal KCGR 110308R08 KC850
Kennametal KCUX110302 R15 K68
Kennametal KNUX 150405R20 KC810
Kennametal KSEM 255R3WN32M
Kennametal KSEM 3300HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM1400HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM140R5WN16M
Kennametal KSEM221R5WN25M
Kennametal KSEM255R3WN32M
Kennametal KSEM2600HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM2600HPGM KCPM45
Kennametal KSEM260R5WN32M
Kennametal KSEM2650HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM3000HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM300R5WN32M
Kennametal KSEM3100HPM KC7235
Kennametal KSEM3600HPGM KC7315
Kennametal KSEM3800HPGM
Kennametal KSEM3900HPGM
Kennametal KSHR063A06RS60HN06
Kennametal LNGU15T608SRGE KC520M
Kennametal LNGU15T608SRGEM KCK15
Kennametal LT-16ER AG55 KC730
Kennametal LT-16ER AG60 KC730
Kennametal LT-22ER N55 KC5025
Kennametal LT-22ER N60 KC5025
Kennametal MCLNR 2020 K09
Kennametal MCLNR-2020K12
Kennametal NC3M350RK KC5025
Kennametal PDJNR 2525 M15
Kennametal PWLNL 2525M08
Kennametal PWLNR2525M08
Kennametal RDHX 1003M0FLP KC510M
Kennametal SCMT 09T308LF KCM25
Kennametal SCMT 09T308MF KCP10
Kennametal SDJCR1616H11
Kennametal SDPT1204PDERGB2 KCPK30
Kennametal SNGN150712T02020 AC5
Kennametal SNGX150712T02020 KY3500
Kennametal SNGX453T0820 KY3500
Kennametal SNHJ120616ENLD
Kennametal SNMG 120408P KC850
Kennametal SNMG120412RP KCK15B
Kennametal SPGX 070308HP KCU25
Kennametal SPGX070304FP KCPK10
Kennametal SPHX 1205PCERGPB KCK15
Kennametal SPHX060204R20 KC7140
Kennametal SPHX060204R20 KC7215
Kennametal SPHX070304R20 KC7215
Kennametal SPKN1203EDER SP39MH
Kennametal SPPX 09T310HP KCU25
Kennametal SPPX 120408MD KC7815
Kennametal SPPX120408RHP KCU25
Kennametal SPPX120412HP KCU25
Kennametal SPPX120412MD KCPK10
Kennametal SVVBN 1616H16
Kennametal TCGT06T10411 KT325
Kennametal TCMT110204LF KCM15
Kennametal TCMT16T30811 KT315
Kennametal TCMT16T308LF KCP10
Kennametal TNMG160412MN KC9110
Kennametal TNMG160412RP KC9110
Kennametal TNMG160416K KC850
Kennametal TNMG220412MP KCM25B
Kennametal TPMT110204E-M X500
Kennametal TPMT220408LF KC850
Kennametal UBMT160408LF KC850
Kennametal VBMT 110304FP KCP10
Kennametal VBMT 160408FP KCM25
Kennametal VBMT 160408LF KC5010
Kennametal VBMT 160408LF KC850
Kennametal VBMT160404FP KCM25
Kennametal VBMT160404LF K313
Kennametal VBMT160408LF K313
Kennametal VBMT160408LF KCP10
Kennametal VCGR160412 KC9125
Kennametal VNMG160404FF KCP10B
Kennametal wnmg 080408-FW KC9110
Kennametal WNMG 080408RP KCM35B
Kennametal WNMG060404 33 KT315
Kennametal WNMG06040833 KT315
Kennametal WNMG060408FW KCU10
Kennametal WNMG080408FW KCP10B
Kennametal WNMG080408FW KT315
Kennametal WNMG080412RP KCK15B
Kennametal WNMG080412RP KCP25B
Kennametal WNMG080416RN KCP10B
Kennametal XDLW090408SR-D X5000
Kennametal XDLW120508SR-D SC3025
Kennametal XDPT120515SRGP KC522M

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