EUROPOWER Komet Carbide inserts

Komet Carbide inserts on stock Date: 21.02.2022 (116 Products)

Manufacturer Article number
Komet 12J1F032040W5R00
Komet ABS50 V30 34301 Ø43+10pcs woex
Komet ABS50 V30 72601
Komet APKT 1605PD-RM BK64
Komet B00 15761 TX
Komet KOMBI 20 W8313/W3014 R.04
Komet KUB ABS 50 V30 72401
Komet KUB ABS50 V30 34301
Komet SOEX 07T308-01 BK8425
Komet SOEX 07T308-03 BK8430
Komet SOEX 07T308-13 BK8425
Komet SOEX 090408-01 BK8425
Komet SOEX 120508-01 BK8425
Komet SOEX 120508-13 BK74
Komet SOEX060306-01 BK6115
Komet SOEX120508-01 BK79
Komet SOGX 060206-01 BK8425
Komet SOGX 07T208-01 BK8425
Komet SOGX 07T208-03 BK8430
Komet SOGX 09T308-01 BK8425
Komet SOGX 130508-01 BK8425
Komet SOKU 1205AZER-21 K20
Komet TOHX06T102ELG06 BK6425
Komet TOHX140304EN-04CK37 CK37
Komet U11 72000
Komet U11 72100
Komet U45 52000
Komet U45 52200
Komet V30 72201
Komet V30 72601 W2924/26/78/R
Komet W01 24060.0260 BK
Komet W01 34060.0260 BK
Komet W01 42120.048425 BK8425
Komet W01 50120.048425 BK8425
Komet W01 58120.068425 BK8425
Komet W27 12010.0403 P25M
Komet W27 12010.0479 BK79
Komet W28 34010.0461 BK1
Komet W29 04010.0284 BK84
Komet W29 10110- 0477 BK77
Komet W29 18010.0421 K10
Komet W29 24000.046115 BK6115
Komet W29 24010.0404 P40
Komet W29 34000.048425 BK8425
Komet W29 34010.0403 P25M
Komet W29 34010.0461 BK1
Komet W29 34010.0464
Komet W29 34010.086440 BK6440
Komet W29 34020.086440
Komet W29 42000.047615 BK7615
Komet W29 42010.0403 P25M
Komet W29 42010.0404 P40
Komet W29 42010.0461 BK1
Komet W29 42010.048425 BK8425
Komet W29 42030.046425 BK6425
Komet W29 42030.086425 BK6425
Komet W29 42130.0473 BK73
Komet W29 42130.0484 BK84
Komet W29 50000.048425 BK8425
Komet W29 50010.0404 P40
Komet W29 50010.0461 BK1
Komet W29 50010.046420 BK6420
Komet W29 50010.047615 BK7615
Komet W29 50010.0484 BK84
Komet W29 50010.048425 BK8425
Komet W29 50010.088425
Komet W29 50030.046425 BK6425
Komet W29 58000.088425 BK8425
Komet W29 58010.0862 BK62
Komet W29 58010.087615 BK7615
Komet W30 04060.046425 BK6425
Komet W30 04990.0257
Komet W30 14060.0461 BK1
Komet W30 14360.0464 BK64
Komet W30 14500.0460 BK
Komet W30 26660.0560
Komet W79 32060.046425.046425
Komet W83 13010.048425 BK8425
Komet W83 18010.068425 BK8425
Komet W83 18210.06 2730
Komet W83 18210.068430
Komet W83 23210.087935 BK7935
Komet W83 32130.088425 BK8425
Komet WOEX 030204-11 BK77
Komet WOEX 040304-01 BK8425
Komet WOEX 040304-13 BK8425
Komet WOEX 05T304-01 BK8425
Komet WOEX 06T304-01 BK6425
Komet WOEX 06T304-01 BK8425
Komet WOEX 06T308-01 BK8425
Komet WOEX 080404-00 BK8425
Komet WOEX 080404-03 BK6425
Komet WOEX 100504-01 BK6420
Komet WOEX 100504-01 BK7615
Komet WOEX 100504-13 BK8425
Komet WOEX 100508-01 BK6420
Komet WOEX 120608-01 BK6425
Komet WOEX 120608-03 BK6425
Komet WOEX 130608-01 BK6425
Komet WOEX05T304-01 BK6440
Komet WOEX05T304-03 BK6425
Komet WOEX06T304-02 BK6440
Komet WOEX06T304-03 BK6425
Komet WOEX080404-00K10 K10
Komet WOEX080404-01 BK6425
Komet WOEX080404-13 BK8425
Komet WOEX100504-00K10 K10
Komet WOEX100504-02 BK6440
Komet WOEX10T304-00P25M P25M
Komet WOGX 05T304-15 BK8430
Komet WOGX 05T304EN-15 BK84
Komet WOHX 120606ELG12 BK8425
Komet WOHX080404ELG12 BK8425
Komet WOHX100504ELG12 BK8425
Komet XW30 14040.4560 BK
Komet Z20/16 L100 U5-30 D02 20041

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