EUROPOWER Sumitomo Carbide inserts

Sumitomo Carbide inserts on stock Date: 21.02.2022 (169 Products)

Manufacturer Article number
Sumitomo 2NC-CCGW 09T308WH BNC160
Sumitomo 2NU CCGW 09T308 BN300
Sumitomo 2NUDNGA150608 BN250
Sumitomo 4NC-CNGA120408 BNC200
Sumitomo 6NC-TNGA 160408 BNC200
Sumitomo CCGT 09T302MN-SI AC510U
Sumitomo CCGT 09T302N-SC ACZ310
Sumitomo CCGT09T304MN-SI AC530U
Sumitomo CCGT09T304NSC T1200A
Sumitomo CCGW09T304NCW2 BNC80
Sumitomo CCGW09T308LSNC2 BNC200
Sumitomo CCGW09T308NC2 BNC80
Sumitomo CCGW09T308NU2 BN300
Sumitomo CCMM120408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo CCMT 09T304N-SK AC8025P
Sumitomo CCMT 09T304N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo CCMT 09T304N-SU AC8025P
Sumitomo CCMT060202N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo CCMT060202N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo CCMT060204N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo CCMT060204N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo CCMT09T302N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo CCMT09T304N-LUW AC630M
Sumitomo CCMT09T304N-SK AC820P
Sumitomo CCMT09T304N-SU AC2000
Sumitomo CCMT09T304N-SU AC830P
Sumitomo CCMT09T304N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-FP T1500Z
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-LUW AC700G
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-SK AC820P
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-SU AC830P
Sumitomo CCMT09T308N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo CCMT120408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG 120408N-GZ AC405K
Sumitomo CNMG 120412N-MU AC810P
Sumitomo CNMG 120412N-MU AC900G
Sumitomo CNMG120404N-GE AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120404N-GU AC830P
Sumitomo CNMG120404N-LUW AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408MNU AC8025P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N- SU AC510U
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-EX AC3000
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-GE AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-GU AC630M
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-GU AC8035P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-GU AC830P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-GUW AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-ME AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-ME AC810P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-ME AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-MU AC8025P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-MU AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-MU AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-MU AC900G
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-SU AC510U
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-UG AC2000
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-UX AC8025P
Sumitomo CNMG120408N-UX AC900G
Sumitomo CNMG120408NSU EH510Z
Sumitomo CNMG120412N-GU AC6030M
Sumitomo CNMG120412N-UX AC300G
Sumitomo CNMG160612N-GU AC630M
Sumitomo CNMG160612N-GU AC900G
Sumitomo CNMM 120408N-MP AC8025P
Sumitomo CNMM 190612N-MP AC2000
Sumitomo CNMM120408N-MP AC820P
Sumitomo CNMM120408N-MP AC830P
Sumitomo CNMM160612N-MP AC3000
Sumitomo CPMH090308N-SS AC2000
Sumitomo DCGT 070204MN-SI AC530U
Sumitomo DCGT 070204N-SC T2000Z
Sumitomo DCGT 11T304MN-SI AC530U
Sumitomo DCGT11T302MN-FC AC530U
Sumitomo DCGT11T302R-FX AC530U
Sumitomo DCGT11T304MN-FC AC530U
Sumitomo DCGW11T302NC2 BNC160
Sumitomo DCGW11T304-NU BN300
Sumitomo DCMT 070202N-SU AC610M
Sumitomo DCMT 11T304N-LU AC630M
Sumitomo DCMT 11T304N-LU AC820P
Sumitomo DCMT 11T308N-SK AC830P
Sumitomo DCMT 11T308N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo DCMT 11T308N-SU AC700G
Sumitomo DCMT070202N-LU AC610M
Sumitomo DCMT070204N-SK AC820P
Sumitomo DCMT070204N-SK AC830P
Sumitomo DCMT070204N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo DCMT070208N-SK AC2000
Sumitomo DCMT11T302N-FB T1500Z
Sumitomo DCMT11T302N-SU AC530U
Sumitomo DCMT11T302N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo DCMT11T302N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SK AC2000
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SU AC530U
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SU AC630M
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SU AC830P
Sumitomo DCMT11T304N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo DCMT11T308N-LU AC630M
Sumitomo DCMT11T308N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo DCMT11T308N-SU T3000Z
Sumitomo DNGA150608HSNC2 BNC200
Sumitomo DNMG 110404NEX AC630M
Sumitomo DNMG 150612N-GE AC8025P
Sumitomo DNMG150604N-UP AC510U
Sumitomo DNMG150604NLU T1500Z
Sumitomo DNMG150604NLU T2000Z
Sumitomo DNMG150608NFP FPT110A
Sumitomo DNMG150608NLU T1500Z
Sumitomo DNMG150608NLU T2000Z
Sumitomo DNMG150608NLU T2000Z
Sumitomo DNMG150612N-GU AC630M
Sumitomo DNMG150612N-LU AC810P
Sumitomo GCMN 3015-RG AC530U
Sumitomo GCMN3002-ML AC530U
Sumitomo GCMN3004-MG AC530U
Sumitomo GCMN4004-ML AC530U
Sumitomo GCMN4008-MG AC530U
Sumitomo NU-CCGW060208 BNX20
Sumitomo NU-CNMA 120408 BN300
Sumitomo NU-CNMA120408 BNX20
Sumitomo SCMT09T304N-SU AC8015P
Sumitomo SCMT120408N-MU AC2000
Sumitomo SCMT120408N-MU AC820P
Sumitomo SHGT 060204-HP IN10K
Sumitomo SMDH 150 M3
Sumitomo SNMG090308N-SK T1200A
Sumitomo SNMG120408NEXSPE K243P2
Sumitomo SNMG120416N-UX AC700G
Sumitomo SNMM120412N-HG AC700G
Sumitomo TCMT110204N - SU EH510Z
Sumitomo TCMT16T308N-SU AC530U
Sumitomo TNMG 160408N-UP EH510Z
Sumitomo TNMG 160408N-UZ AC700G
Sumitomo TNMG160408N-MU AC700G
Sumitomo TNMG160412N-LU AC8015P
Sumitomo TPGT110304LW T1500A
Sumitomo VBGW160408NU BN700
Sumitomo VBMT110204NSU AC820P
Sumitomo VBMT112040NSK AC820P
Sumitomo VBMT160404NSK AC2000
Sumitomo VBMT160404NSU AC8025P
Sumitomo VCGT 110304MN-SI T1500Z
Sumitomo VCMT 160404N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo VCMT160408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo VNMG160408N-FP T220A
Sumitomo VNMG160408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo WDXT125012-G ACP300
Sumitomo WDXT125012-H ACP300
Sumitomo WNMG 080412N-MU AC8035P
Sumitomo WNMG060404N-SU AC610M
Sumitomo WNMG060404N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo WNMG060404NEX AC610M
Sumitomo WNMG060404NEX AC630M
Sumitomo WNMG060408N-SU AC8035P
Sumitomo WNMG060408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo WNMG060412N-GE AC810P
Sumitomo WNMG080404N-FA T1500Z
Sumitomo WNMG080408N-GU AC900G
Sumitomo WNMG080408N-SE AC820P
Sumitomo WNMG080408N-SU AC820P
Sumitomo WNMG080416N-ME AC810P
Sumitomo WPC-UNI.11,00.R.5D.IK.DIN6537.HA
Sumitomo WPC-UNI.12,00.R.5D.IK.DIN6537.HA TIALN
Sumitomo WPC-UNI.12,70.R.5D.IK.DIN6537.HA TIALN
Sumitomo WPC-UNI.13,50.R.5D.IK.DIN6535.HB TIALN

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