EUROPOWER Tungaloy Carbide inserts

Tungaloy Carbide inserts on stock Date: 21.02.2022 (75 Products)

Manufacturer Article number
Tungaloy 2QP- DCMW11T308T010 BX480
Tungaloy 2QP-DCMW 11T304TZ10NR BX480
Tungaloy 2QP-DCMW11T308Z10N BX480
Tungaloy CCGT 060202 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT 060204 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT 060204L-W15 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT 09T302 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT 09T304 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT 09T308 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT060202L-W15 NS9530
Tungaloy CCGT09T304N-JS AH725
Tungaloy CCMT 060204-PS T9015
Tungaloy CCMT 09T304-TM T9215
Tungaloy CCMT09T304-PS T9215
Tungaloy CCMT09T304-PSS T9215
Tungaloy CCMT09T308-PSS T9215
Tungaloy CCMT09T308-TM T9215
Tungaloy CNGA 120404 LX11
Tungaloy CNGA 120408 LX11
Tungaloy CNMG 120416-TM T9125
Tungaloy CNMG120404-SA T6130
Tungaloy CNMG120408-TM T9215
Tungaloy CNMG120408-TSF 9225
Tungaloy CNMM 120408-TRS T9125
Tungaloy CNMM 190612-TR T9025
Tungaloy CNMM120408-TR T9025
Tungaloy CNMM160612-TR T9025
Tungaloy CNMM160612-TRS T9025
Tungaloy DCGT 070202 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT 070202L-W10 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT 11T302 NS530
Tungaloy DCGT 11T302 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT 11T302R-W15 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT 11T304 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT 11T304N-JS AH725
Tungaloy DCGT 11T308 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT070204 NS9530
Tungaloy DCGT11T302N-JS AH725
Tungaloy DCMT 11T308-PSS T9215
Tungaloy DCMT11T302-PS T9125
Tungaloy DCMT11T304-PF NS530
Tungaloy DCMT11T304-PS NS9530
Tungaloy DCMT11T304-PS T6130
Tungaloy DGS2-020 AH7025
Tungaloy DNMG110404-11 NS520
Tungaloy DNMG110404E-ZF T9115
Tungaloy DNMG110408E-ZM T9115
Tungaloy DNMG150608-TSF GT9530
Tungaloy DNMG150612-TM T9115
Tungaloy DNMG150616-TM T9205
Tungaloy DNMM150608-57 T9125
Tungaloy KNMX160410L-S1 T9015
Tungaloy SCMT09T308-PS T9015
Tungaloy SDMT1204PDSR-MJ AH140
Tungaloy TCMT 16T304-24 T9015
Tungaloy TCP 18R150F-005-35 SH725
Tungaloy TDX190F25 - 3
Tungaloy TDX250W25-3
Tungaloy TNGG160404R-P TH10
Tungaloy TNMG160412-AM T9115
Tungaloy VBMT160408-PSS T9115
Tungaloy VCMT 160404-PS NS9530
Tungaloy WNMG060408E-TM T9125
Tungaloy WNMG080404-TSF NS730
Tungaloy WNMG080408-AFW T9105
Tungaloy WNMG080412-TM T9225
Tungaloy WNMG080416-THS T9215
Tungaloy XPMT050204R-DS AH725
Tungaloy XPMT050204R-DW AH725
Tungaloy XPMT06X308R-DS AH725
Tungaloy XPMT06X308R-DW AH725
Tungaloy XPMT07H308R-DS AH725
Tungaloy XPMT07H308R-DW AH725
Tungaloy XPMT08T308R-DS AH725
Tungaloy XPMT08T308R-DW AH725

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