EUROPOWER Widia Carbide inserts

Widia Carbide inserts on stock Date: 21.02.2022 (29 Products)

Manufacturer Article number
Widia 463301500RT SC FIN
Widia A25S PWLNR 08-F3
Widia CCMT09T308 MU WP15CT
Widia D50302002RW
Widia DCMT 11T304 HK35
Widia DCMT11T304MP WK20CT
Widia DCMT11T308 THM
Widia DNMG110404FF WK20CT
Widia DNMG150612MR WP15CT
Widia LPGX07T204-36 TPC35
Widia MDHX09T308 TN5515
Widia PDJNR 2020K-15
Widia PSSNL 2020 K12
Widia S12M STFCR 11 FC
Widia S20Q PWLNR 06F3
Widia S20Q SDQCR 11 F3
Widia S20Q-STFCL 16-F3
Widia S20S-SDUCL11-F3P
Widia SDMW090308 TTM08
Widia SNMG120416RH WP25CT
Widia TK15 CNMM 120416-9 P05-P30
Widia TNMG 160408 M15-M30
Widia XOMT050204-34 TN7015
Widia XOMT09T306-34 TPC35
Widia XPHT160412 THM
Widia XPHT160425 TN7535

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